Developmental Psychology:  Practical Concepts for A Smooth Life Journey

Practical concepts of developmental psychology that you can use to getting through safely in your life journey really means to try to minimize the number of problems that will arise in your life. By preparing yourself adequately, such as reading the articles in this website, or some of the books, you will definitely be prepared for a smoother ride in life. For example, one of the best ways to ensure smooth sailing in any particular task is to get some experience from others who have charted a particular path, as suggested in many of the articles.

Surprises are undoubtedly inevitable. However, the more knowledge you have about various situations in life, the better prepared you will be.

Do not always believe what people say in your life journey.  Some people may actually have a vested interest in a certain outcome, there may be a hidden agenda, or perhaps that person may actually be mistaken in their thinking. Therefore, throughout your informal study of developmental psychology in life, one should always keep this in mind because it is so easy to forget it. This is true no matter where the source, credible or not. Keep this in mind. Most of the things that one person or source of information says may be valid, but definitely not everything that they say is valid. To put it more plainly, do not be gullible.  

Instead, one should critically evaluate the information and the reasoning behind the conclusions reached. This is especially true of information that you will be spending a lot of time applying. Thus, take the advice with a grain of salt, but if after evaluation and it sounds reasonable, by all means give it a try if it does not mean sacrificing too much to you. 

Something too good to be true probably is. This is a corollary to the above suggestion. There are exceptions to this guideline, but generally, if you stick with it, it will likely cause you fewer headaches. Of course, if you can actually get first-hand advice from people with no vested interest in the above, you would be more confident. However, as stated in the first suggestion, you still have to critically evaluate what that first-hand source states.

Conjure the opposite in each scenario. If an unfavorable situation occurs during your life journey, think of the possible advantages to your predicament. If a favorable situation occurs, think of the likely pitfalls that may arise. Situations in life are rarely black and white. There are generally advantages and disadvantages whatever circumstance you are in.

Be especially wary of being too confident about any situation. For example, if you presently have an old, slow machine of some type and your office will soon be buying a new machine, you may think that it may solve all your problems that you had had before with that old machine. However, the new machine may bring in new problems that you had not thought of before. Therefore, in general, there are pitfalls in almost every aspect of life. This is not to say that you should object to getting the new machine. At the same time, though, do not be so elated that you forget there may be potential pitfalls.

Of course, this is also not to ask you to become a pessimist either because that type of thinking is perhaps not too healthy. In fact, if you were a pessimist, it would likely do you good to try to envision more optimistic outcomes. Still, you should be aware of the negative consequences of various situations.

Believe you will make it through during your life journey. Having the belief that you will eventually make it through some rougher periods in your life will sustain you to continue your quest. You may believe that you are already doing everything in your power to achieve something, or you may feel that you are not doing anything incorrectly. In such situations, stick with your gut feeling. Continue to do your best. A breakthrough will eventually surface. If it gets too overwhelming, though, just remember to get some help from family and friends, professionals you trust, or books and websites.

May your journey through life be a smooth one with relatively few rocky roads, and one that future generations would  like to emulate as a successful model in developmental psychology. 

In summary, to maximize the amount of smooth sailing in your life journey, 

A. Do not believe everything people say.

B. Something too good to be true probably is.

C. Conjure the opposite in each scenario.

D. Believe you will make it through.

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