Work-Life Balance - Creating a Balanced Lifestyle

Balancing work and family life is a major challenge today. It seems that with more technology, the more demands there are on our time and you can only fight to hang onto your family life. However, work-life balance is a fight that is worth it.

Take vacation time as an integral part of work-life balance. Do take the deserved vacation time that you have. Even if you just stay at home and do not go anywhere with your family, they will appreciate it. It is also good for your nerves to take your well-deserved vacation time. You will be much more focused when going back to work.

Stop the work. Sometimes, you just have to stop the work. Stop doing the overtime, stop taking work home with you, stop thinking about work at home, stop thinking about work when your family is talking to you. Just stop it. The problems will resolve themselves, you will finish your necessary tasks, your job or business will be fine. The workload is always endless, so you have to stop, or your health will forced you to stop one day. Do not become a workaholic.

Schedule extra time. Try to always not overload your schedule with parties, or outings, or work. Always schedule some free time for yourself. In order for you to interact with people at work and with your family well, you must be rejuvenated yourself. Don't cram your schedule with so many things that you cannot accomplish any one task well. People need time. Sometimes, you just have to sit down and talk with them. It should be enjoyable, and may even bring you profits, if you are profit-oriented because discussing with people about trivial matters can often result in new thinking and new ways of doing things that may bring profits. Always be there for others, and in order for you to do that, your schedule must be flexible and have extra time just for doing nothing or resting.

Consider working part-time. If you would like to spend even more time with your family, consider working part-time. Sure, you may make less money and may need to save more or get to eat less often in fancy restaurants, but you will have gained the family time which is so invaluable and which so many people miss out on. It may even save you money because you would need to pay for less babysitting.

Trust your instincts when balancing your work and family life. Learn to trust your feelings and instincts. If you feel out of balance, then you probably are. Perhaps you are working too much and not spending enough time with your family, or perhaps something in your family life is disturbing your work. Try to rectify the situation in as simple a manner as possible, and your feelings should return to normal and you should feel more balanced. Pay attention to your instincts, and change whatever you feel may be bothering you.

Discuss work problems with your family. That's what your family is there for - to provide support, comfort, and advice. This is different from thinking about work at home because if you actively discuss work with them instead of fretting or thinking about it yourself, it's really a family activity. Feel free to consult them, as they can alleviate your suffering and give your quality advice. They will feel respected too that you are seeking their help. You 
should not need to carry your burden alone. If you feel that you are burdening your family with too many problems, though, perhaps discuss some of your hardships with your friends. Worry, anxiety, and frustration can cause you to lose out on your quality of life, as well as cause you to be less patient with your loved ones. Don't let that happen.

Work-life balance requires constant reviewing to see if you are on the right track.  Of course, some times it's fine to spend a little bit more time on work, but perhaps try to balance that with a little bit more family time on less busy seasons.

In summary, to exercise work-life balance that will balance your work, family, and personal life,

A. Take vacation time.

B. Stop the work.

C. Schedule extra time.

D. Consider working part-time.

E. Trust your instincts.

F. Discuss work problems with your family.

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