Aging Gracefully

Your quality of life will improve if you take steps to age gracefully and take care of your mind and body.  Determine to do your best at slowing the aging process and you will feel better and continue to be able to more activities for a longer period of time.

Deep breathe and meditate to counteract aging. Deep breathing and meditation slows your thinking and your body down. Aging is just a passage of time. If you suspend time, you will counteract the effects of aging. Check out the Staying Healthy article on this website to learn how to do deep breathing and meditation.

Exercise regularly to slow aging. Do the types of exercise that you enjoy. Do them regularly. Do not strain or injure yourself while doing them. Choose activities that are fun and safe. Even walking is excellent for your health. Do whatever is possible. Perhaps speak with a physician on the type of exercise program that you can engage in without overstraining yourself.

Relax. Learn how to relax at will. Doing deep breathing, meditating, and exercise, will aid in your state of relaxation. Sleep also helps. Relaxing all parts of your body all the time will definitely slow the aging process, and give you fewer diseases and illnesses. Listen to soothing music, watch soothing scenery, do whatever it takes to relax yourself.

Sleep well, and sleep often. Do some relaxation exercises before going to bed. Also, when going to bed, just sleep. Forget about everything else. It is not worthy of your attention. People who have difficulties sleeping often think about certain things when going to bed. Just stop thinking, and you will fall asleep. There is probably no need for sleeping pills. Certain foods also help people sleep. For example, drinking some milk before going to bed will likely help. Lotus beans also have a sedative effect. Conversely, do not drink or eat tea, coffee, or other types of stimulants four to five hours or more before going to bed. Those stimulate the body and reduce the sedative state of your body. It is also helpful to take an afternoon nap, as it is quite relaxing and is good for the body. 

Apply lotion. Applying lotion after washing, such as Vaseline, is a good way to reduce your wrinkles. If you stop worrying, or frowning, or smiling so much, that will most likely reduce wrinkles on your face too. Be a kind person, forgive don't forget, and you will be happier, and have fewer wrinkles.

Stop worrying. If you stop worrying, you will also reduce how much you get ill and how much you age. Just calm down. Most things will work out if you just leave them the way they are without even doing anything.

Maintain schedules. Try to maintain the rhythm of your body by maintain schedules when you do certain activities. For example, try to eat and sleep and approximately the same time each day. Of course, you can deviate from it mildly once in a while, but it would be good to generally follow the routine. The body enjoys a regular rhythm. Look at your heart, for instance - it beats at a regular rhythm.

Eat well. Eat nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. Talk to a dietitian to see what types of foods are recommended these days for your age group.

See the physician and dentist regularly. Regularly see your physician and dentist. Also see any other specialist you require such as the ophthalmologist for your eyes. Make sure you monitor your health regularly and follow their advice. If you wish, you may also consider getting a second opinion from other doctors.

Slow down. As you age, you may not be able to do or not as efficient as doing some of the things that you once did. Remember to slow down. Your body sometimes gives signs, but that may be too late. Just slow down. Try not to carry those heavy things, don't hurt yourself, don't strain. Relax, calm down, slow down.

Do not take anti-aging medicine. Sure, there may be some forms of medicine that you require. You may require vitamin pills, or calcium tablets. However, in general, anti-aging medicine does not exist. If it did, people would not need to die. Take some forms of whatever you feel makes sense. Drink a small amount of wine if you wish, but just use your common sense when you hear about miracle pills.

Doing all these things will definitely counter aging, and slow it down. It'll also allow you to enjoy life more.

In summary, to slow and counter aging, try to 

A. Deep breathe and meditate to counteract aging.

B. Exercise regularly to slow aging.

C. Relax.

D. Sleep well, and sleep often.

E. Apply lotion.

F. Stop worrying.

G. Maintain schedules.

H. Eat well.

I. See the physician and dentist regularly.

J. Slow down.

K. Do not take anti-aging medicine.

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