Entertainment and Having Fun:  The Simple Pleasures of Life

Often, we do get caught up in the daily living of city life and forget about the simpler pleasures in life. This article sums up some activities that may just constitute that:


Take a walk. Just go outside any time during the day and take a walk. Perhaps early morning would be a good time. You will feel much more refreshed during the day after that. Also, the air is probably more fresh and you would not need to worry as much about the heat or UV from the sun. Do some deep breathing as you walk, or just stand and do the deep breathing. Raise your arms all the way up so that your chest is raised, and slowly bring down your arms while keeping your chest up. Do diaphragmatic breathing as suggested in the Staying Healthy article. Perhaps have a seat on the chair in the park. Just be. Notice your surroundings. Notice the air. Smile mildly. Notice nature. Notice the flowers, birds, trees, insects, the sky, the sunlight (don't ever look directly into the sun, though), the clouds, the wind. Go to the beach, the park, the woods, and take a walk. Enjoy the nature around you.

Listen to music. Listen to anything you like. Music gives your body rhythm, which your body enjoys. Perhaps listen to the same piece over and over so that your body will naturally follow the rhythm even when you are not listening to it later on. Try out different genres of music and see what appeals to you: some types of classical music you may like; try some jazz, try popular rock, try country music. Probably some music from each group would appeal to you. Try not to listen with headphones or earphones because it is not good for your ears to place sound so close to your eardrums. Of course, try not to listen 
in a public setting, as you do not want to disturb the people around you. Lie down or sit down while you listen. Consider doing nothing except listening to the music. Why not? Perhaps even sing to yourself in the shower. Sing or hum as your brush your teeth. Find a song you like, listen to it, and start singing yourself.

Feed the birds. Go to the park and feed the birds (unless it is prohibited). If the pond has a lake, then go and feed the ducks and geese. Ripping off pieces of white bread usually works quite well. The birds are very happy. You will become too. Such a small thing-white bread-which we usually take for granted these birds are so glad to receive. 

Sleep. Sleep probably works much better than coffee in rejuvenating your self. Alternately, just relaxing your entire body when standing, sitting, or lying in your bed for a few minutes to a few hours is all right. Just stop your work. It will be fine to rest a little bit. You will still be alive. In fact, you may want to do some calming relaxation exercises before going to bed so that you sleep even better. Sleep during the day as well as during the night. However, try to keep your sleep times reasonably constant as your body prefers a constant day/night cycle.

Eat foods you like. Try to eat something healthy and probably not too expensive. Just eat something that you like. Perhaps even making lemon tea at home, or baking butter cookies. Enjoy yourself and your food. Sit down, have a drink, eat something simple. What was it that you had liked a long time ago and perhaps still like but have forgotten? Strawberries? Mango pudding?

Talk to others. Visit friends, neighbors, relatives. Just go somewhere and have a 3-hour conversation together. Or, do it over the phone or internet. Discuss with them your triumphs and tribulations, about life, about your family, about anything. Listen to them as they tell you about their lives. What an enjoyable time you can have as well as learn about others and yourself more. 

Watch TV. Just watch TV. It's not that bad to watch TV. Watch something enjoyable, perhaps even funny. Engross yourself in it. Just watch.

Try something new. Of course, feel free to try something new, or something not so "simple." Experience life to its fullest and enjoy yourself in the process of learning or trying out something new.

Exercise. Play team sports, or singles sports if you prefer. Get your adrenaline going. Do some jogging, or perhaps shoot some basketball hoops. Join a sports or an indoor racket club. 

Play games. Play some video games, board games, or even chess. They can be really fun.

Do it often. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life often. Don't forget that we should also play and not just work excessively. Work is good if done well, and it should be done well and done often. However, play is equally important. Remember to enjoy your entertainment and have fun often.


In summary, try some of these activities when you forget about the simpler pleasures in life:

A. Take a walk.

B. Listen to music.

C. Feed the birds.

D. Eat foods you like.

E. Talk to others.

F. Watch TV.

G. Try something new.

H. Exercise.

I. Play games.

J. Have fun often.

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