Trusting Yourself - You Have the Answers

When it comes to self-improvement, trusting yourself that you have the answers is an important component of that. This is because when you trust yourself, you believe that your decisions and actions are good for both yourself, and perhaps also for the other people around you as well. In this age of the internet, people tend to do lots of research online, and then take one of the opinions of so-called web experts. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Sometimes, only you yourself have sufficient experience and expertise in whatever behavior you are engaging, so you may actually be better informed and be able to make a better choice than the web experts. Therefore, it's important to trust yourself in these situations, as you may come up with a whole new synthesis that works and makes much more sense for yourself. Here are some tips to help you with that:

Make a note of your successes. Either make a mental note, or jot it down digitally or on paper, of some of your recent successes of decisions you made yourself that turned out quite good for you or other people involved. This helps to build your own confidence, and in the future, you can also read it to reinforce that if you have written it down somewhere.

Keep an open mind. Be flexible and have resiliency in your decisions and in the information that you receive. By keeping an open mind, you allow yourself the freedom to change or take in the most important information that allows you to make better decisions.

Learn and become a student of the world. By learning thoroughly, often, and comprehensively in all arenas of life, you increase your understanding of the world. This more intimate and fine-tuned knowledge of the world can then lead you to take more informed actions. The actions you subsequently take will be based on sound knowledge that you had gained for yourself.

Take care of yourself. Take good care of both your physical body, and mentally, and then you will be in a better shape mentally (intellectually and emotionally) and physically to trust your instincts, intuitions, and the actions you take. By soothing your soul and physical self, you create a more integrated whole person that allows you to better cope with daily challenges and opportunities.

In summary, to better trust yourself and believe that you have the answers:

A. Make a note of your successes.
B. Keep an open mind.
C. Learn and become a student of the world.
D. Take care of yourself.

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