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Here are some articles on life skills, many of which you will not find in books, or you may have to read many books to pull out the suggestions from them, so here are some attempts at imparting some relevant knowledge that people should probably have some knowledge about.  Some of these life skills articles are a bit bold in their advice and viewpoints on life, as they are thoughts and advice that would give to a close friend or to a son or daughter.  If you find them a bit out of your taste, you may just want to consider it as a thinking fodder for contemplation, or food for thought.  However, when discussing such general topics, it was necessary to be a bit bold. You may make copies of this material to distribute, providing the entire portion is found (including URL of this website).

Common Sense Life Skills

Job and Work Skills

Computer Skills

Money Management Skills

Family Skills

Healthy Lifestyle Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills


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